Beyond Wall Street

PBS Series Highlights Leading Investors

This engaging and informative public television series features compelling profiles of eight investment greats who have helped shape today's investment industry.

Hosted by Jane Bryant Quinn and Andrew Tobias, and co-produced by Dakin & Willison Productions and WNET in New York, the series includes:

Episode I: Foster Friess on Growth Equity Investing
Portfolio manager for the Brandywine Funds, Friess demonstrates the art and science of growth equity investing.

Episode II: John Neff on Value Equities Investing
Retired portfolio manager of the Windsor Fund, Neff shows his talent for locating performers in unlikely circumstances.

Episode III: Barr Rosenberg on Quantitative Investing
Rosenberg, chairman of the AXA Rosenberg Group, demystifies quantitative analysis and the world of the "black box."

Episode IV: William Sharpe on Indexing
William Sharpe, Stanford University professor and Nobel Prize winner in economic science, discusses the philosophy of indexing and the Sharpe ratio's quantification of the unavoidable relationship between profit and risk.

Episode V: Mark Mobius on Emerging Markets Investing
Mark Mobius heads up Templeton Emerging Markets Fund and is considered by many to be the Indiana Jones of emerging markets.

Episode VI: William Gross on Fixed Income Investing
William Gross, managing director, Pacific Investment Management Company, applied the judgment, timing and discipline he learned years ago in Las Vegas to become one of the bond market's top players.

Episode VII: Gary Brinson on Global Asset Allocation
Gary Brinson, president and CEO, Brinson Partners, Inc., tackles the ultimate Gestalt principle, namely that - done right - the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Episode VIII: Peter Bernstein on Managing Investment Risk
Few investors have thought more comprehensively about risk than Bernstein, economic consultant and author of the bestseller, "Against The Gods, The Remarkable Story of Risk."

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Beyond Wall Street, the companion book to the PBS series

An entertaining and insightful read, this companion volume includes expanded conversations with investors highlighted in the series and also provides what one reviewer called "a wonderful historical tour of investing."

Written by Stephen Mintz, Dana Dakin and Tom Willison and published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., BEYOND WALL STREET, the Art of Investing is available at major bookstores and can be ordered online:

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